I am an abstract artist based in Richmond Virginia. I began painting about six years ago after a lengthy career as graphic designer, art director, and creative manager in design studios and ad agencies, and three entrepreneurial ventures.


My paintings intuitively express the energies and essences of life itself: the beauty, the pain, the joy, the loss, and the metamorphosis of everything – in the natural world around us and in ourselves. Sometimes they capture a fleeting moment in time and space; often, they tell stories. Most of my paintings express a sense of joy and peace.


I am rarely conscious of the intended outcome for a piece as I am painting. More often, it is only when I look at finished work that I realize an energy has entered from beyond the room where I am painting. I do not try to control that energy. I allow it to flow through me and give it time to intuitively become what it is meant to be on the canvas. One example is when a miscarried soul made himself known to me energetically. He was persistent in wanting to be recognized. I immediately knew who he was and quickly painted his essence without ever having known him. I was in awe of that experience. Most intuitive paintings happen over multiple studio sessions and are just as meaningful.


My study of energy work, and the healing movement practices of Qi Gong (Chi Kung), of which I am a senior instructor, have deepened my sensitivity to the energies I paint. My artworks frequently reflect the flowing movements of Qi Gong and radiate the peace and balance of the practices. 


I work in mixed media, primarily with acrylic paint, sometimes adding silk fabrics that I hand-dyed, papers that I hand-printed, pastels, graphite, and other colorful, textural media. I combine these with quiet, empty spaces to capture the essences and energies I am sensing. I am drawn to them, and it often feels important to paint them. To me, they are as real a part of our world as trees, animals, buildings, and people.






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