The Spotlight exhibit has ended but these artworks are still available.


I think LOVE is the most powerful energy there is. These paintings began in quite a perfunctory manner about one year ago. I was making large paintings, and I cleaned my palette between each one by wiping the remaining paint onto 18 x 18 blank canvases so it wouldn't be wasted. I began meditating on the power of love, and in that spirit, I tentatively made colorful marks. I softened some areas and emboldened others. I painted over parts of them. They went through ugly stages as I focused on changing their old energy. After time and patience, each canvas began to come alive as a new painting. I hope that you can sense a bit of their histories and the love energy they express. 

The  B O U N D L E S S  exhibit has ended but these artworks are still available.


These paintings were created during a time of great upheaval and loss during the pandemic years. I was a caregiver for four loved ones from 2019-2022. Painting was my therapy because there was no time, and no other way to fully process what was happening to all of us. 



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